Beyoncé Dropped Her 'LEMONADE' Album and Twitter Exploded

Beyoncé had Twitter on fire.

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Beyoncé just surprised dropped her new album, LEMONADE, following the world premiere of her film by the same on HBO. The 12-track release is a conceptual project with guest spots from Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, James Blake, and Jack White.

The surprise release fittingly had Twitter on fire, with fans reacting to her first album in nearly three years. Here are some of the best tweets.

Beyonce released an album before Frank Ocean. Let that sink in.
Beyonce just set a whole new standard for the public humiliation of scrub-ass men.
So can they just pre-order the name engraving on Beyonce's Grammys now?
Beyonce really has the best team in music. No one talks, no one leaks, rollout is always flawless & the people around her play their part.
Nobody can create compelling spectacles like Beyoncé when it comes to album releases. NOBODY. #Lemonade
Beyoncé wants you to dump him and overthrow the government

- upcoming Hamburger Helper tweet
No wonder Beyoncé took so long. This is what she was working on....
It's being reported that Mariah Carey had to make an emergency landing because Beyoncé dropped #LEMONADE 🍋🍋
I feel like I'm watching jay z and Beyoncé broken marriage unfold before me.

or it could just be art. #LEMONADE
let #LEMONADE be on iTunes tomorrow

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