Raury Freestyles on "Sway In The Morning" and Kills It

The Atlanta native is on his way to becoming an icon.

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Raury is known for his genre-bending style of music, with singles such as "God Whisper." Today, the Indigo Child made an appearance on Sway In The Morning and dropped a freestyle over OutKast's classic, "Elevators." The opening line sets the tone: "How would society be if Tupac was alive today?/How many blacks would not have been shot if we still had MLK?" Raury's energy and rapid-fire delivery is reminiscent of a freestyle from another Stone Mountain native on Sway's show.

The verse had a profound effect on Sway and Heather B. "Yo, I like this dude," Sway said simply, shaking his head. "When you find an artist you're really into, man, that shit uplifts you and elevates you." It's lofty praise from a radio personality who has watched artists such as 2Pac, Eminem, and Kanye West blossom into icons.


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September 22, Raury will try to carry this energy into his live performance, as he will make his New York City debut at Webster Hall. The concert is being presented by Love Renaissance and Pigeons & Planes.


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