Waka Flocka Flame Disses Gucci Mane With "Ice Cream"

Waka pulls no punches on this track, despite Gucci's impending stint in rehab and jail.

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Waka Flocka Flame has dissed Gucci Mane tonight with a song called "Ice Cream," his first time responding to Gucci on record after Gucci's Twitter meltdown. The song touches on everything from Gucci's street credentials to his lean addiction. "Nigga sips codeine like it's lemonade," Waka says over the 808 Mafia-produced beat.

It's a very personal and biting attack from Waka, who was a very close associate of Gucci for years. Things took a turn for the worse in their relationship back in March, with Gucci tweeting that Waka was no longer a member of Brick Squad. While some claimed that Gucci's Twitter was hacked, Waka repeatedly insisted that he would no longer work with Gucci for several months, before Gucci unleashed his Tweets in the beginning of Twitter that exposed personal relationships and grievances.

Gucci followed up the tweets with Diary of a Trap God and then he deactivated his Twitter account and was arrested the following day. He returned to Twitter to reveal that he would be going to rehab to address the addiction to lean, and also offered several apologies for his behavior (although he did not apologize to Waka).


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