Mixtape: Mac Miller (as Delusional Thomas) "Delusional Thomas"

A new alter ego for a new project.

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Mac Miller has taken on a new alter ego called Delusional Thomas, and under this moniker, he is releasing a free eponymous mixtape. The project has guest appearances from Earl Sweatshirt and Da$H, with production coming entirely from Mac under his Larry Fisherman moniker.

Delusional Thomas appears to be Mac's vocals pitched up rapping, with evidence for this coming in the mixtape's artwork. The artwork shows Mac putting his fingers over his nostrils, which would produce a high-pitched voice. Mac himself shows up with his regular voice on the mixtape's closing song, "Grandpa Used To Carry A Flask."

The Delusional Thomas project is just one of many endeavors Mac has taken on in a very busy 2013. He started the year with his own television show, Most Dope Family. As producer Larry Fisherman, he released his own beat tape, Run-On Sentences, and produced a project with Vince Staples called Stolen Youth. As a rapper, he released his sophomore album, the well-received Watching Movies With The Sound Off, and went on the nationwide Space Migration Tour shortly thereafter. And then of course, he appeared on Ariana Grande's "The Way," a single that would eventually become one of the biggest songs in the country.

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