Louie V Gutta Responds to Meek Mill on "0 to 100" Freestyle

Louie V Gutta, a former member of Meek Mill's Dreamchasers Records imprint, has dissed Meek Mill back over the "0 to 100" instrumental.

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Two days ago, Meek Mill released his "0-100" remix, where he dropped a couple of lines about former Dreamchasers associate Louie V Gutta. Today, Gutta has fired back with a "0 to 100" freestyle of his own. Responding to Meek's story about how his chain got snatched several months ago, Gutta points to the Slowbucks Hot 97 Summer Jam incident and the fact that Meek was on stage also when it happened. The lesser known upstart switches up flows as he mocks Meek's street credibility the fact that Meek rapped over the second part of the "0-100" instrumental. Knowing Meek, a response is likely.

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