Drake Says That Kanye West Is His Only Competition

"Nothing Was The Same" after 2013 for Drizzy.

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In a new interview for VIBE Magazine's 2013 Race Issue, its cover star Drake reveals that, despite not having a consistently friendly relationship with Kanye West, the two have started talking about collaborating. But Kanye's not just a peer to Drake. He says Kanye is his only competition:


But what about Kendrick Lamar? Drake said that overall, he finds beef and confrontation to be stressful. When asked if "The Language" was a response to Kendrick's "Control" verse, Drake said that he never felt the need to respond to "Control." He went on to explain his feelings at the time of the song's release, explaining that while there are no hard feelings, the matter did become personal between the two:


Drake also discussed the process of putting together Nothing Was The Same, the relationship he currently has with his family, and the fallout of talking about his personal experiences in his music. He offered a formal apology to "Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree," whom he said no longer works at Hooters and is a "good, wholehearted person." Read the full interview here.

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