Chance The Rapper's Brother Taylor Bennett Raps Too

The younger Bennett goes in on a track called "Speed Racer"

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Chicago has become the hotbed for emerging hip-hop talent. It should therefore come as no surprise that one of the kids to check for in the next year happens to be the younger brother of one of the city's current buzzmakers.

Taylor Bennett is a teenage rapper from the Chi who can really flow. He just dropped a video for a new song called "Space Racer," a track that sees him breeze through effortlessly, his rapid-fire delivery on full display. The intro for the video is amusing, with Taylor making fun of nonsense rappers by using an exaggerated high-pitched vocal effect.

Of course, one look at the video would remind anybody of Chance The Rapper. That is no coincidence; Chance happens to be Taylor's older brother. As the Chicago Reader mentioned back when Acid Rap came out, Chance helped take care of his younger brother, who is three years younger, for a year when their father moved to Washington D.C. Not only does Taylor look uncannily similar to Chance, his voice on "Speed Racer" shares a similar cadence, his pitch increasing as he ends each bar.

That said, it is clear that the two are different artists, with Taylor's rocking over a fast-tempo beat from Sami Abdullahi. Furthermore, as Taylor has pointed out in a freestyle from last year, "Not little Vic[Mensa] not little Chance but best believe I'm on son."

Taylor is getting ready to drop a project titled The Taylor Bennett Show later this year.

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