Azealia Banks Talks "ATM Jam" - "The Process" with Peter Rosenberg

Azealia explains why she is "over" her single. In this segment, she explains how the single came during the course of a writing session with Pharrell & more.

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How do your favorite rappers write their rhymes? To find out, Complex TV has started a new series, The Process. Hosted by Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg and shot at New York City's legendary Chung King Studios, The Process features intimate conversations with established legends as well as exciting up-and-comers about how they put their rhymes together and the magic that happens when the pen hits the pad. New episodes of The Process premiere every Tuesday on Complex TV. 

In this bonus segment of The Process with Peter Rosenberg, Azealia Banks talks about her current single, "ATM Jam." She explains how the single came during the course of a writing session with Pharrell. He gave her two beats and asked her to write them as if she was writing for Beyonce (the other song she wrote was in fact given to Beyonce). She said that when she came up with the version of "ATM Jam" that has now been released, she "didn't even like it."

For Azealia, this song should have never come out as a single, as the Harlemite preferred it to be just an album cut instead. "If I were writing a book and I wanted to preview my book on Amazon, I wouldn't choose this chapter to preview," Azealia said. "There are better chapters in the book. This is a passing chapter." Azealia added that the song has an uptown Bronx vibe to it.

The video for "ATM Jam" just came out on Sunday. It is available on iTunes also. Azealia debuted the song at the Glastonbury music festival earlier this summer. Meanwhile, her debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste, is on the way, and is slated for an early 2014 release. The album is expected to have appearances from Theophilus London, Toku Yasuda, and Kevin Hussein.

Check out the full episode of Azealia Banks on The Process, where she talks about online criticism, below.



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