How do your favorite rappers write their rhymes? To find out, Complex TV has started a new series, The Process. Hosted by Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg and shot at New York City's legendary Chung King Studios, The Process features intimate conversations with established legends as well as exciting up-and-comers about how they put their rhymes together and the magic that happens when the pen hits the pad. New episodes of The Process premiere every Tuesday on Complex TV.  

In our latest episode of The Process with Peter Rosenberg, ScHoolboy Q breaks down his early beginnings as a rapper. Growing up in South Central Los Angeles, ScHoolboy reveals he wrote his first rhyme at 16-years-old. However, instead of continuing to develop as an MC, he got into selling drugs and gang-banging until the age of 21 where he stepped back in the booth with Black Hippy members Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock and Ab-Soul.

ScHoolboy admits when he began working with them, he was a few steps behind in terms of skills. "I told them let's make a group because I figured I could just write one verse," he says. "Them niggas was way better than me anyway, so I felt like my album couldn't compete with dropping with their albums so I would rather battle with them on one verse."

Once ScHoolboy devoted more time and energy into his craft, he explains he started to see results. "I went from terrible, and I can play you some old records of mine. From that to where I'm at now, just an ad-lib or my voice changing or bridges, I trip myself out everytime when I make a bridge. I never thought of making a bridge when I was first rapping."

Watch the full interview above, and if you enjoyed this episode, catch ScHoolboy's fellow TDE member Ab-Soul below as he discusses his rap career. Also, be sure to catch up on all episodes of The Process with Peter Rosenberg on Complex TV.

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