Video: AZ "We Movin'"

Comfort food raps from AZ.

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If you've heard one post-millennial AZ song, you've likely heard them all. But with AZ, that's the rare case where it's a compliment rather than a criticism. AZ's "formula" might be pretty straightforward—post-The Blueprint soul samples with densely-constructed origami crane-shaped verse—but it's the kind of formula that rewards repeated listenings. Each verse is a sculpture of words that take time to sink in completely: "Up in Mercedes whips, new Gucci blue navy kicks/Hair wavy, stay fly in the '80s-tip/What can they say to this? Let 'em pray and wish." Exactly.

As a bonus bit of "The More You Know," this video's club scene was shot at the same spot as Wale's "Bad" video.

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