The Full Credits for Kendrick Lamar's 'untitled unmastered.' Have Finally Been Revealed

A full breakdown of all the work on every song.

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Last month, Kendrick Lamar surprised fans with the release of his untitled unmastered. project, which featured a collection of tracks he recorded over the years, but didn't make it onto To Pimp a Butterfly. While there's been plenty of detailed looks at the project, his trusted producerSounwave just released the full credits, which include both production and vocal contributions.

Though none of the credited artists come as much of a surprise, it's always cool to see everyone involved in all of the tracks and how they were crafted. In an interview from last month, Sounwave detailed the process behind the project with Complex, and how everything came together. You can read that interview in full here, and peep all of the untitled unmastered. credits below. 

Official Unreleased credits for #UntitledUnmastered:

— Sounwave (@sounwave) April 12, 2016

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