Will Drake Be Arrested For His Involvement In Club Fight With Chris Brown?

Reports say if he doesn't agree to surrender by early next week, he could be arrested at his show tonight.

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The New York Post is reporting this morning that Drake will be arrested for his involvement in the club brawl from earlier this week that left a gash on Chris Brown's chin. Their sources say he will be charged with reckless endangerment for throwing a "projectile" during the fight, though the witness didn't believe whatever was thrown hit anyone. Their sources added that if Drake doesn't make plans to surrender by early next week, they will arrest him during his Club Paradise tour concert tonight at the Nikon Theater at Jones Beach. 

The report also says that Drake's lawyers are looking into whether or not Chris Brown was hanging out with known gang members at the club. On the contrary, Chris Brown's lawyer Mark Geragos was quoted saying, “I have turned over evidence that it was Drake who instigated this. The evidence makes it clear that Chris is the victim in all of this.” He continued, “I believe the police are building a case against Drake and his thugs. Drake was the instigator, and there is evidence he threw glassware.”

Stay tuned for updates.

[via New York Post]

UPDATE: According to TMZ, these reports that Drake will be arrested are not true. According to law official, Brown's lawyer has not presented any specific evidence that Drake threw a bottle, so there are no charges as of now.

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