Chief Keef Disses Lupe Fiasco On Twitter, Lupe Responds

Read Chief Keef's threat, and Lupe's response.

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The tension inside the Chicago rap scene is building, especially after the events surrounding last night's murder of local rapper JoJo, and the reaction to his death on Twitter. And now, Chief Keef has taken to Twitter to diss fellow Chi-Town rapper Lupe Fiasco, who last week was quoted saying "Chief Keef scares me" in an interview with 92 Q Jams, in reference to the many murders that have taken place in Chicago this summer and what Lupe called "the culture that [Chief Keef] represents."

Read Chief Keef's tweet directed at Lupe, and Lupe's response below. Also, Odd Future rapper Earl Sweatshirt jumped in to share his feelings on Keef's tweet, which you can also see below.

Lupe fiasco a hoe ass nigga And wen I see him I'ma smack him like da lil bitch he is #300
@chiefkeef i feel you
i love u lil bruh @chiefkeef...i really really do from the bottom of my fucking heart. I know that street shit like the back of my hand.
ive seen it in every way you can possibly imagine and its nothing to be proud of @chiefkeef it TAKES and TAKES till there is nothing left
i choose not to indulge becuz its lil guys that look up to me so i try and show them a better way @chiefkeef i aint try to be BE better
I'm trying to DO better @chiefkeef as we all should. We were born with no expectations to make it. born in the hood, live there die there..
I cant go 4 that @chiefkeef & i cant let the people i love, including you my nigga, go 4 that either. We kings not fucking savages and goons

Update. Chief Keef is now saying his Twitter account was hacked.

my twitter has been hacked I think I'm making a new one dumb hating ass people #DontWannaSeeAYougNiggaShine

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