Watch Action Bronson Freestyle with Wayne Brady

Bronson was on Shade 45 to promote F*ck, That’s Delicious.

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Action Bronson recently stopped by Shade 45 to promote his new special F*ck, That’s Delicious, and decided to gift the world with some fresh bars. With TV personality Wayne Brady and Meyhem Lauren standing by, Bronson went off the dome with some hot lines about his hometown, his diminutive height, his penchant for wearing jean shorts, and his love of jagermeister. "Man you live bait, I'm a motherf***ing primate / And I'm only five, eight / I'll throw your father off the fire escape / Admire my face / The microphone fiend, I'm dying for a taste."

Meyhem took a turn next, followed by Brady who completely set it off with surprisingly tight flow. "You don't realize the talent that's right in front of your face / And you thinking that it's funny, put your ass in place." After Brady finished Bronson goes into full-on Wayne's World"We're not worthy" mode. Check it out above.

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