Ty Dolla Sign Calls Presidential Election a Choice Between "Crazy Ass Trump or Lying Ass Hillary"

Ty Dolla Sign referred to the Republican nominee as crazy, and the Democratic nominee as a liar.

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Many people agree that 2016 has been one of the most contentious presidential election cycles in modern American history. Most folks have had a hard time getting really excited about either candidate and seem to spend a lot of their time, energy, and focus tearing down the person they don't want to occupy the Oval Office come January. Ty Dolla Sign seems to know exactly why that is.

TMZ caught up with Dolla Sign, who gave his opinion about the choice that the American people have been confronted with. "I think it’s easy to see," he said. "It’s crazy ass Trump or lying ass Hillary." It's pretty easy to see how Dolla Sign could come to that conclusion. Even though she was cleared of any wrongdoing by the FBI, Hillary Clinton has been dogged by the press and the public for her use of a private email server and her attempts to downplay or cover up the extent of the malfeasance. 

As for Donald Trump, you can really take your pick of topic as to what might cause the Free TC rapper to refer to Trump as "crazy." Maybe it's his plan to build a thousand mile wall between the U.S. and Mexico while forcing the other country to pay for it. Maybe it's his plan to stop anyone of the Muslim faith from entering American borders. Maybe it was lying about contributing to 9/11 charities. Or maybe it's the latest tape where he bragged that he can grab women by the genitals.

That being said, it seems as though he does have a preference for one over the other. "All of us have lied, we’re all humans. But not all of us are as crazy as Trump."

Check out his entire comments in the video below.

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