Metro Boomin Responds to Ben Carson's Answer to the Question "If Young Metro Don't Trust You..."

“He gave a fair answer," Metro said.

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In a recent interview with DJ Drama, producer Metro Boomin was asked to offer his response to former presidential hopeful Ben Carson'sresponse to fill in the blank with the line, "If young Metro don't trust you..." Carson didn't offer the correct answer at the time - "I'm gonna shoot you" - but instead gave a different, unique take all his own. "You probably need to become honest or be able to explain the reason for their doubts," the neurosurgeon said.

“He gave a fair answer," Metro diplomatically told Drama. "It wasn’t the fill in the blank answer, but he ain’t gonna trust you have to figure that out.” He also added that particular moment "let me know, they going out of control with this.” Metro was then asked about the origin of the now nearly ubiquitous drop: 

"I’ve been using as a tag in beats since about August. I made this beat in September 'Jumpman' from Future voice. 'Jumpman before the song was recorded, that beat already said that. We had did this sone with Uncle Murda one time…and one of the lines that Future said in there was 'If  young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gonna shoot you.' When he said that it had a different tone, but I remember when we were in the studio he had another tone, which is the one that’s the tag that was just like muted. I just made sure to go back on the session and just get it and just go HAM with it.'”

He also revealed that Kanye West, who used it for the song "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1" off his latest album The Life of Pablo loved the line from the first time he heard it. "I had kinda sensed he liked it because when we were in the studio before and you know that Kanye dance he does where he’s like doing his thing? He was just going crazy doing that and just saying, “Young Metro don’t trust you…”

 You can check out Metro's full response to the Ben Carson question at about the 1:50 mark of the video above.

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