Jay Electronica Threatens to Smack 50 Cent and Says Kendrick Lamar Is His "Baby"

"I like the one Kendrick song with Gunplay, “Cartoons and Cereal,” Electronica admitted.

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New Orleans rapper Jay Electronica recently hosted a Periscope session for his fans and really let loose with some incendiary opinions. Early on, someone asked the New Orleans rapper to change out the Future songs he was bumping in his car to something from his fellow "Control" verse contributorKendrick Lamar. “Nah fuck that," Electronica responded at the six-minute mark of the video."Look, I like the one Kendrick song with Gunplay, 'Cartoons and Cereal,' but other than that we don’t know what nigga talking about." He did add shortly thereafter when someone attempted to echo his train of thought, "Don’t say fuck Kendrick, that’s still our brother.” Later in the video, around the 12:40 mark, he brought up Lamar again saying, "Kendrick is my son, Kendrick is my baby, Kendrick wishes he could be me."

Electronica was far less measured when the subject of 50 Cent was brought up. Someone asked him what he thought about the G-Unit boss as a rapper these days and he didn't hold back at all. "50 Cent at once, he was a good rapper," Electronica conceded at the 12-minute mark. "Right now he got the potential to be a rapper but he’s on some sucker shit…and we will slap 50 Cent’s eyeballs loose out his scalp.” It's an interesting point of view from someone who has yet to release an album of their own. You can watch the entire video above or a shorter version below with audio matched to the video.

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