J. Cole Reveals His Show at the Meadows Festival Will Be His Last "For a Very Long Time"

J. Cole announced that his gig at the Meadows Festival last night would be "my last show for a very long time."

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Yesterday was the first day of New York City's newest music festival, The Meadows. Even though The Weeknd had to pull out last minute, the event featured a bill stacked from top to bottom with stellar artists. Holding down the headliner spot for the first day was J. Cole, who got people to turn out and turn up to his roster of platinum-selling hits. Then he dropped a bombshell on his audience:

"This my last show, for a vey long time" 😓 pic.twitter.com/c2YcXTsWTn

“Before I get out of here, listen. This is my last show for a very long time,” he told the stunned crowd before nearly finishing his set. Up to that point, everything had been all good vibes and high energy, with Cole instructing the attendees to lock arms in a show of solidarity for the ongoing social justice movements taking place across the country. When he announced the news, the audience was shocked and loudly protested. One woman shouted out a loud "No!" A nearby man posited, "New album?"

Social media reactions reflect a similar sentiment:

Me when J. Cole said it was his last show for a while pic.twitter.com/4h65oD1krm
J. Cole announced last night that's his last show for a very long time...I don't think there's nothing important in my life anymore @JColeNC
J. Cole performed in NY last night and announced that was his last show for a very long time, noooooooooooooo😭
Wow... So J. Cole announced that last night was his last show for a very long time. I'm hurt. He probably going away to be a daddy tbh

It's been almost two years since Cole put out his last full-length album 2014 Forest Hills Drive. In the meantime, he's transformed himself into a touring machine, headlining festivals across the world that include Lollapalooza and Bumbershoot, shooting concert documentaries, and entertaining hundreds of thousands of fans.

The guy has clearly earned a break to spend a little more time in the lab crafting his next platinum album. We'll see if he brings out any features for this one.

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