GZA Drops New Song "The Spark" for NASA

GZA joins Trent Reznor, Weezer, and My Morning Jacket as artists contributing songs in honor of NASA's Juno Mission.

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The greatest wordsmith in the mighty Wu-Tang Clan is out with a new song, and for a very interesting purpose. Friday, GZA dropped a completely new track titled "The Spark." The space-themed track was provided by the Genius to the National Aeronautic and Space Administration to celebrate the agency's ongoing Juno Mission. 

Launched on August 5, 2011, the spacecraft Juno has spent the last four years rocketing through the solar system to make it to the gas giant planet Jupiter in a bid to study the body's composition, gravity field, magnetic field, search for clues as to how it was formed. Juno is also looking to see if there is any water present within Jupiter's deeper atmosphere. Juno will finally arrive at Jupiter in just a few days on July 4th. 

"The Spark" is part of a larger project titled Destination Juno, that also features musical contributions from major artists like Trent Reznor who added a song named "Juno," Weezer with "I Love The U.S.A." and My Morning Jacket who recorded a track titled "Everything (The Universe)." In typical Genius fashion, "The Spark" is a densely worded marathon set over a dark, swirling beat. The song seeks to essentially explain how the universe itself was created.

For the past several years, GZA has been hard at work on his seventh solo album, tentatively titled Dark Matter. Coincidentally, the upcoming record is said to have quite a lot in common with the general theme of the Destination Juno project, as it seeks to explore themes of space and time. On the musical end, he's enlisted the renowned movie soundtrack composer Vangelis, who is most famous for writing the theme to the film Chariots of Fire.

Listen to "The Spark" above.

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