Childish Gambino Collab Tape Exists and Other Jaw-Dropping Revelations From Chance the Rapper's Reddit AMA

Chance the Rapper finally addressed rumors about his mixtape with Childish Gambino in a Reddit AMA.

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Following the release of his third mixtape Coloring Book a few days back, Chance the Rapper has vaulted himself into the conversation as being one of the most dynamic, and thoughtful artists of his generation. Yet the success hasn't seemed to have gotten to his head yet, and as a staunch man of the people, he took to reddit last night to field questions from his many fans during an impromptu Ask Me Anything session. No topic seemed to be off limits, as Chance answered nearly every query thrown his way.

Off the top, the most stunning revelation is that the Chance/Childish Gambino mixtape that has been talked about for some time actually exists. The Chicago native didn't elaborate on his collaboration with Donald Glover beyond a simple "yes" when asked if it was indeed real, but the prospect of getting to hear it someday sent many reddit users scrambling for the right meme response or string of all-caps declarations to express their surprise.

Elsewhere during the AMA, Chance talked about the disadvantages of not signing with a major label. "All of them. except mfs still think they can stop me from recording and releasing music for free, they slowed me but CANNOT STOP DA KID and thats on my life," he wrote. He also shared his thoughts about fellow Chicago rapper Vic Mensa's upcoming release. "Traffic is his best work to date, i hope it drops soon but not before i get another verse on that b---h." And, like us, his favorite Sun and Moon Pokemon was revealed to be "Litten." Chance also named his favorite Kanye West song, saying, "'We Don't Care,' He keeps it mad wavy."

Check out the full AMA here.

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