The Hood Internet Drops an Exclusive EP for Dr Pepper's One of a Kind Studio Sessions

The Hood Internet and Dr Pepper One of a Kind Studio Sessions

While most would say that the boys behind The Hood Internet are at the top of their game, the duo sees itself as still learning. “Music and creative arts in general are forever a learning process,” says STV SLV, who, along with co-founder ABX, is responsible for the production partnership that’s been changing music for over six years. And that spirit of open-mindedness infects every collaboration that the pair embarks upon.

"What makes Hood Internet one of a kind is that if we get into the studio with an emcee or a guitarist or a beatsmith, we know how to work with them, and blend what we want to make with what they are best at doing.”

This ability to bring out the best from the artists they work with is just one reason why The Hood Internet is the perfect addition to Dr Pepper’s One of a Kind Studio Sessions. Working collectively as one of three master production entities, STV SLV and ABX are helping four up-and-coming artists to each create a new unique track that is truly original.

Two such artists are indie rock/electronica hybrid Robert DeLong and siren-esque singer Tinashe. “I guess what makes me one of a kind is my unique live performance,” DeLong says, “which puts me somewhere between the world of DJ and band.” Tinashe, who has been recording for many years but just broke out as a solo act in 2011, sees her originality as being rooted firmly in her own level of dedication. “What makes me one of a kind is my ambition to be so creative and hands on with my project(s),” she says. “…It’s been a learning process—learning how to incorporate other people’s opinions into what I’m doing.”

During the One of a Kind Studio Sessions, The Hood Internet and fellow master producers RZA and Dave Andrew Sitek will each collaborate with Robert, Tinashe, and their fellow artists, RAC and Rockie Fresh. The end result will be three independent EPs featuring 12 cumulative new tracks that are as one of a kind as the artists who created them.

To learn more about what makes The Hood Internet tick, click on the video above. And to hear more from Robert DeLong and Tinashe, be sure to check out their interviews as well below.

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