PROMO: One of a Kind Music Access: The Airplane Boys

Bold new dynamic duo

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The One of a Kind Access bus, presented by Dr Pepper, made a stop in Santa Monica, California, one of the L.A. area’s best known beach communities. Santa Monica also happens to be known as a place where numerous musicians got their start, thereby earning its place on the One of a Kind Music Access road trip, which includes layovers in 23 different musical hubs across the country.

Complex will be posting video from the bus throughout this unique adventure. We got to sit down with rap duo The Airplane Boys, straight out of Toronto, who are spreading their bold sound throughout the world. Click the above video to hear them talk about the challenges of just starting out, and what keeps them going today. You can also keep up with the #alwaysoneofakind hashtag on Twitter for the latest and questions from the Complex Twitter account. Answer correctly and you could win a trip to the last stop on the One of a Kind Music Access trip.

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