Kelly Rowland Is Trying to Make the Next Great Girl Group on 'Chasing Destiny'

Kelly Rowland speaks to Complex News about her new show on BET 'Chasing Destiny.'

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Earlier this week, Kelly Rowland stopped by Complex HQ in anticipation of her new show Chasing Destiny (Tuesdays on BET at 10:30 p.m. ET). On the show, Rowland aims to create the next great Destiny's Child-like girl group. But, unlike X Factor or American Idol, Rowland's talent competition is more BTS than overblown spectacle.

"I don't want reality stars," Rowland says in the series trailer, "I want stars."

During this week's sit down, Rowland explains what she looks for in a potential star and why she thinks the timing is right for the next great girl group. Check it out.

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