Exclusive: Never-Before-Seen Video of Kanye West's "Never Let Me Down" Studio Session

Rare footage of young Yeezy vibing with Pharrell during "The College Dropout" sessions.

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Complex Original

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Coodie Simmons followed Kanye West around for months as the exclusive videographer for the making of "The College Dropout." That was his footage you saw in the video for "Through The Wire." In this never-before-seen footage from Coodie's archives, Complex TV takes you inside the studio during the making of Kanye West's debut album "The College Dropout." Watch Pharrell vibing to an early version of "Never Let Me Down" and see his reaction after Kanye spits his rap.

More never-before-seen footage from @CoodieRock: This time we see Kanye West and Consequence freestyling back and forth while driving around the streets of NYC. As Cons puts it, "This that real shit."

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