Jimmy Henchman Arrested and Charged for Drug Ring

US Marshalls and DEA Agents booked him earlier today.

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After being on the run, James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond was captured by U.S. Marshalls and DEA Agents in NYC this afternoon. The rap mogul has been under investigation for several months and is suspected of heading a cross-country cocaine operation, involving the transportation of kilos from Los Angeles to New York.

According to federal agents, Rosemond devised a plan of using music equipment cases, or "road cases," to ship cocaine to the East Coast, and money to the West Coast. He also used plastic covered in mustard to throw off drug-sniffing police canines and commercial shipping companies before using his own freight transporters and disguising it as music cargo. To avoid wiretapping and or law enforcement, Rosemond allegedly used encrypted email services and pay phones to communicate.

Rosemond is expected to be arraigned later tonight in a Brooklyn court.

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