Donald Glover Has Another Alter-Ego: An Asian Girl?

He made a fake Tumblr for the occasion.

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Watch out Lady Gaga! We're not sure what to think of Donald Glover's new marketing scheme, but apparently he has started a new Tumblr, posing as an Asian girl and has had a grand 'ol time posting pictures of puppies, Pokemon, anime, Miley Cyrus and well, things you'd find on a 13-year old girl's blog.

The crazy part about it is, he's also been dropping gems in between all the posts, including his new single from Camp, some behind-the-scenes footage of the album and even a teaser video for a new, unifinished song.

Listen: Childish Gambino "All The Shine"

Does Childish Gambino have a weird fascination with Asian girls or is he a genius?

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