David Andrew Sitek Drops an Exclusive EP for Dr Pepper's One of a Kind Studio Sessions

David Andrew Sitek and Dr Pepper One of a Kind Studio Sessions

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Few artists are able to make a name for themselves as both a musician and a producer the way David Andrew Sitek has. He recently dropped a solo record that featured contributions from David Byrne and Karen O, and a couple of years back played with the legendary Jane’s Addiction on their first album in eight years. Meanwhile, on the producing side, he’s worked with everyone from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Scarlett Johansson to Santigold. He is clearly a man with eclectic tastes, and the skills to match them.

This versatility is but one reason why Complex is so excited to have Sitek as one of three master producers working on Dr Pepper's One of a Kind Studio Sessions. Just like with every project he undertakes, David derived some very creative inspiration for how he was going to approach this one. “I listened to the silence, I decided how to interrupt it, and then I chased that down,” he says, “until there was no more silence left.” This aversion to silence is nothing new; in fact, Sitek’s driving force was instilled at a very young age. “I think that probably the most exciting part of my job is that, at any moment, my dad is not gonna run in the room and tell me to turn it down.”

During the One of a Kind Studio Sessions, Sitek and his fellow master producers, RZA and The Hood Internet, have each collaborated with four different artists to create three independent EPs that collectively tally 12 new tracks. One such artist is RAC, who got his start remixing songs of high-profile artists, then moved on to making his own high-profile music. Given their shared ability to jump across multiple genres, he and Sitek definitely make for a great team. “So often, people get caught up with imitating the latest trends,” RAC says. “The key to longevity as an artist is to really be yourself.”

To learn more about David Andrew Sitek’s involvement with Dr Pepper's One of a Kind Studio Sessions, click on the video above. And to hear more from RAC, be sure to check out his interview below.

For more on the One of a Kind Studio Sessions, visit complex.com/drpepper.

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