Complex Casts The N.W.A. Biopic

A movie about the gangsta rap supergroup is coming to the big screen. Who should play Eazy, Dre, Cube and the gang? We've got some ideas.

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Now that Notorious was considered a commercial success, it looks like we're about to see a lot more hip hop movies coming to theaters over the next couple years. News came last week that a screenplay Tupac made while in prison is finally getting greenlighted and now we hear that Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and Eazy E's widow, Tomica Wright, will be producing a N.W.A. biopic called Straight Outta Compton (what else would it be called?).

Could this be better than Notorious? Possibly. There's a lot more story to tell with all the members each being involved in some sort of drama even after they left the group, and they also have the chance to learn from Notorious' mistakes. But the real decider here will be the cast. We took it upon ourselves to offer up some suggestions, coming straight outta Complex!

• It's safe to say that N.W.A.'s founding member had a bit of a Napoleon complex. In order to really capture the outlandish murderous claims and gangster posturing of their diminutive leader, you'd obviously need someone who knows first hand who how to act big because of their small size. Comedian Lil Duval's got the height, the attitude and even though he got his grown man on and cut his dreads, we're sure he won't be adverse to rocking the jheri curl.

PLAYED BY:Chris Brown
• To a new generation of rap fans, Dr. Dre's gangster may seem unquestionable, mainly because he's the most revered person in hip hop. But let's not forgot that before he was rocking Raiders caps and yelling "Fuck The Police," dude was a shiny suit-wearing, dancing DJ for the World Class Wrecking Crew who later went on to beat Dee Barnes within an inch of her life. Who else might possibly be comfortable enough to prance around in a sequin onesy and beat on women?

N.W.A. MEMBER:Ice Cube
• N.W.A.'s lyrical linchpin was a dude that went from studying architecture in college to being a gangsta rap pioneer, then going on to star in wholesome family movies and bad urban comedies. Only Ice Cube could pull that off, which is precisely why Ice Cube is the only one fit for this role. Yeah, he'd have to hit the gym and drop some weight, but Cube's way too good at playing himself to pass this up.

N.W.A. Member:MC Ren
• Even though he was a pretty decent rapper, it seemed no one really cared where Ren would wind up when N.W.A. went through their breakup. 18 years later, Hell Rell is going through the same thing. With the Diplomats infighting spilling further into the public, all anyone wants to hear about is Cam, Jimmy and Juelz. No one gives two shits what will happen to 40 Cal, J.R. Writer and, most importantly, Hell "Ruger" Rell. If he can't catch another check at Koch, there's always Hollywood. It's a role that will test Rell's range as he imagines what it's like to be a mediocre rapper with a face for radio, but somehow we think he can do it.

PLAYED BY:Pierre Edwards
• After N.W.A. broke up, DJ Yella, the other producer in the group, had no where to go. As Dre, Cube and D.O.C. moved on to get their solo careers poppin', Yella stayed loyal to Ruthless Records and helped out with the Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony debut. Similarly, many thought "Comicview" mainstay Pierre would move into bigger roles after stints in B.A.P.S. and How To Be a Player, but... no, just The Wash.

• Although he wasn't an official member, the D.O.C.'s ghostwriting was the reason Eazy and the other Doc were able to flow so well, even after Cube's departure. Unfortunately, due to a severe throat injury sustained after a brutal car accident, the super-lyrical Dallas rapper's burgeoning solo career was crushed. If they hold off shooting until Tip gets out of prison, he'd make a great D.O.C. When Clifford first hit the scene, his flow and lyrics were more Brooklyn than Bankhead, and thanks to the recent Detox leaks, it's clear that he also knows a lot about ghostwriting for Dre.

N.W.A. MEMBER:Arabian Prince
PLAYED BY:Taz Arnold
• In these trying times, the producers of this flick could save crazy money by casting Taz to play the forgotten flamboyant N.W.A. member. Not only is Arabian Prince only going to be in the movie for like, 20 minutes, they won't need to provide wardrobe, make up or any of that shit'Taz could just hop on set as is, tights and all.

N.W.A. MEMBER:Michel'le
• Michel'le wasn't really in N.W.A., but she was down with the crew like Lil Kim and Bad Boy. And, just like Kim, she was jumpin' off with the group's bread winner, Dr. Dre. With Kim still salty about not being involved with the Notorious movie, and her saying that she wants to get into acting, this would be the perfect opportunity to break onto the silver screen. And, not for nothing, they're both pretty busted.

N.W.A. MEMBER:Jerry Heller
PLAYED BY:Bernie Madoff
• On the unedited version of his N.W.A. diss track "No Vaseline," Cube accused Eazy of letting a "Jew break up my crew." That Jew was N.W.A. manager and Ruthless Records CEO Jerry Heller. A big reason for the groups breakup was the allegation that Heller was robbing them blind. There's no one in the world that knows more about corporate thuggin' than disgraced financier and king of the pyramid scheme, Bernie Madoff. L'chaim!

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