Omarion Talks Dating Multiple Women at Same Time, Addresses Nia Long Dating Speculation

Omarion sat down with Shannon Sharpe to discuss his perspective on dating multiple women. "So, if there is one woman, cool. If there’s two, cool. If there’s three, cool. But after three..." he said.

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Omarion is getting candid about his dating life.

In a new episode of Club Shay Shay, Shannon Sharpe asked the singer how he finds potential people to date.

“She finds me,” the 38-year-old explained around the 57:15 minute mark of the video above. “It’s been a while since I’ve actually been in a ‘girlfriend boyfriend’ type of relationship. But I think a private life is a happy life. I believe that she finds me. It might be shes. Shes might finds me. Plurals. Shes. I’m just saying if I really thought about my lifestyle and being with me—the pressure of being with me and it just being one woman. I don’t know if that exists."

When Sharpe asked if it might take more than one woman, Omarion said, “I don‘t come from a traditional standpoint. I feel like I’ve definitely tried the traditional way and I don’t know if that’s for me. Again, I’m single. 

The two then discussed whether or not men can really be in monogamous relationships.

“I really don’t know,” Omarion responded. “I think that you can find someone that makes you feel like you don’t wanna be with anyone else. There might be a woman out there that can fill that void. But if we talking just strictly nature? No. I don’t think so. … Especially being in my industry.”

He continued, “I’m definitely open to love. I really feel like love is acceptance. So, if there is one woman, cool. If there’s two, cool. If there’s three, cool. But after three … You know what they say about two women and a man. You gotta be double the man.”

Elsewhere, Omarion commented on speculation he's dating Nia Long, which began when they walked the red carpet at the premiere of the Netflix film You People earlier this year.

The actress responded to the rumors, commenting on a Shade Room post of the clip, writing, “Everybody simmer down… I’m single AF.”

Omarion also responded to the speculation, denying they were dating, but also saying, “You never know.”

He doubled down on those remarks with Sharpe, saying they aren’t in a relationship.

“But I wouldn’t skim over it,” Omarion continued around the 59:55 minute mark. “If there was a conversation. Because I’ve never got to know who she is. I don’t know her. So I wouldn’t completely take it off the table. We might be on the same level. I don’t know. Anything is possible. … You never know where it come from. You gotta be open to receive, to see what’s meant for you.”

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