Joey Badass Drops "King to a God" as a B-Day Gift to Himself

Joey Badass releases the song "King to a God" as a celebration of his birthday.

Joey Badass
Image via Getty/Nicholas Hunt
Joey Badass

In April, it’ll be a year since Joey Badass released his sophomore studio album All-Amerikkkan Badass, and while we’ve only heard a few singles from him in the interim—July 2017’s "500 Benz" and "Love Is Only a Feeling," and a 2013 Kirk Knight collab he just released,"Gazzliona"—that changes today with the release of Badass' loosie "King to a God." He tapped fellow Pro Era member Dessy Hinds for the feature.

Over a pared down, boom bap–esque beat, the Pro Era frontman opens the song, stating he’s "back on my bullshit," and indeed that's true, as Badass sticks to his classic, gritty New York sound and a lyrical focus. In 2016, we saw him deviate away from that aesthetic with his platinum certified pop record "Devastated."


Just before the new year, in late 2017, T-Pain revealed on Twitter that he and Badass were featured on the original version of Post Malone’s song "Rockstar." When Badass confirmed that detail via Twitter, he also added that he helped write the song too, a detail Malone never previously disclosed.

Badass also took to Twitter at the top of the year to promise more music from his crew in 2018. "So much music being released from the ERA this year. We been holding out way too long," he wrote.

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