Wiz Khalifa Announces Taylor Gang Entertainment's Deal With Atlantic Records

Wiz Khalifa announces his Taylor Gang Entertainment label has signed a deal with Atlantic Records.

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Taylor Gang Entertainment just reached a huge milestone.

After years of independent distribution, the successful hip-hop label has inked an exciting deal with Atlantic Records—the home to TGE founder Wiz Khalifa. According to an Atlantic press release, the partnership will not affect Taylor Gang artists, such as Wiz and Ty Dolla Sign, who are already have contracts with major labels. It will instead give TGE’s new and up-and-coming acts a more visible platform and provide additional opportunities for international success.

"We are very pleased to expand our business with our partners at Atlantic Records/Warner Music,” Taylor Gang co-founder Will Dzombak said in a press release. “This is a great step forward for Taylor Gang as we get ready to move into the new year and focus on growth. We are all very excited.”

Home to names like Juicy J, Chevy Woods, J.R. Donato, Big Jerm, and Sosamann, TGE has established itself as one of the most successful and prolific independent hip-hop imprints. The label’s artists have collectively earned over 6 billion plays on YouTube and accumulated more than 6 billion streams on services like Spotify and Apple Music. And now that they have the backing of one of the biggest labels in the biz, we're sure the crew's presence will only get stronger.

"[I’m} very excited about the deal with the gang,” Wiz said in a statement. “These guys are my family and friends first, now we're gonna take this this shit to the next level.”

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