The Game Says He Doesn't Regret Anything About Beef With Meek Mill

The Game stopped by Hot 97 Wednesday to say he doesn't regret anything about his beef with Meek Mill.

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The Game has been pretty vocal about his ongoing beef with Meek Mill, and it appears he isn’t done speaking on the matter. On Wednesday, the 36-year-old rapper made an appearance on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning Show, where he provided more insight to the feud and where it stands today.


"It wasn’t about 'I want to fight because I don’t like him,'" The Game said. "It was about some things that went on, you know what I’m saying, between me and him—he know, I know. Everybody else didn’t have to get pulled in, but, of course, it’s social media and all of that […] it goes to this blog and that blog, and it turns into what it is today. I’m just voicing my opinion on a situation that personally affected me."

The Game also touched on an issue many have expressed concern over, which is whether he and Meek will engage in a physical fight. The Game insisted this wasn’t going to happen.

"He ain’t going to fight me. He ain’t going to put himself in a situation where he’s available to fight me," he said.

Peter Rosenberg then asked him why he seemed to be taking the beef in a violent direction, as it seemed contradictory to his previous stance against violence.

"I go every direction. I don’t got to be Jesse Jackson every day in my life," The Game said. "If one day I feel like I need to protest and be proactive for Black Lives Matter, than that’s cool. I can do that on that day or for that week. And then the next week, if someone pisses me off, I can have an attitude or get mad about that."

In a video posted by TMZ on Tuesday, The Game said the recent killing of Terence Crutcher made him rethink his beef with Meek. During Tuesday’s interview, he said he doesn’t think there needs to release any more Meek diss tracks after "Pest Control."

You can check out the video above. The Game also speaks on his upcoming album, 1992, the ghostwriting claims, and his venture into the weed business. 

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