SZA Explains Why She Doesn't Recognize Herself in Joint Tracks With Cardi B, Rihanna, and More

"It's not to say those are bad songs,  it's just that my body doesn't recognize it."

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Though expectations are high for SZA's sophomore album, the TDE songstress insist she doesn't feel any pressure. Why? Because she trusts her instincts. 

SZA revealed this during a recent sit-down with Kerwin Frost, explaining her ability to walk away from a record feeling completely confident and satisfied. 

"[...] You just gotta make sure it feel good," she said on episode nine of Kerwin Frost Talks (57:00). "Just trust that this is what you're supposed to be doing, because you know what sounds good."

SZA went on to say that a big part of knowing "what sounds good" is when she can recognize herself in a track; which doesn't always happen in a collaborative joint.

"I can listen to the (DJ) Khaled record and know that that's not me. One hundred percent," she said.

Kerwin asked for clarification.

"It's not me. I can listen to the Cardi record ('I Do') and know that that's not me," SZA said, before touching on her upcoming collaborations with Post Malone and Justin Timberlake. "Or I can listen to the song that I just did with Post Malone, and then be like, 'That's me, a little more.' Or the song I just did with Justin, and be like, 'That's big me.' And just know, and other people will recognize, that that's me."

SZA clarified that just because she doesn't recognize herself in a track, doesn't necessarily mean its poor material.

"It's not to say those are bad songs,  it's just that my body doesn't recognize it. That version of myself in that song is unfamiliar to my spirit," she said. "And I feel like when I look at myself, or me on that Maroon 5 song ('What Lovers Do'), my body doesn't know that song either. I love Maroon 5 so fuckin' much, and I love that song, and I love them, but body doesn't recognize that energy."

SZA said the feeling of familiarity is what ultimately guides her during her the recording process, and ensures she's creating something good.

"So, when I make my own music, I won't stop until I recognize it, and that's how I know it's never going to be fucked up," she explained. "I'm just being honest in terms of what feels like me. If my spirit doesn't recognize it, then I can't [fake it] in the studio. I just cannot. Or even when I listen to 'Consideration' (by Rihanna), that song does not feel familiarity to me at all."

"Consideration" was reportedly intended for SZA's CTRL album, but was ultimately given to Rihanna for Anti. SZA told Kerwin that the original version sounds much different, and that it may appear on the follow-up to CTRL. The 28-year-old singer said her sophomore effort will be a better reflection of herself, as she has become less afraid to let her guard down.

So when can we expect the album? "Soon as fuck," SZA said. "I just might start dropping loosies."

You can watch her full interview with Kerwin above. SZA also discusses her personal style, meeting Brockhampton, and the advice Timberlake gave her. 

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