Premiere: Watch OMB Peezy's New Video for "I'm Straight" f/ T.I.

The Drum Dummie-produced track appeared on Peezy's newly released mixtape, 'Preacher to the Streets.'

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OMB Peezy and T.I. reconnect on the video for "I'm Straight," a track that nods to Tip's 2006 record of the same name.

The video begins with clips from Peezy's 2017 interview with VladTV, in which he talks about the hate many artists receive in their hometowns.

"It could be somebody waiting around you, don't even know you from a grain of salt. They see you doing good and just don't know why, they just don't like you," he said. "That let me know that when I go back home, I'mma have to be on my toes."

Years after that prophetic statement, Peezy was shot in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama.

"I'm Straight," produced by Drum Dummie, reiterates the belief that success often breeds resentment. It also reminds listeners that the perks of being rich and famous are—in the larger picture—irrelevant. 

"I made this song to explain to people my point of view when it comes to materialistic things making you who you are," Peezy told Complex about the track. "Without all these things I’ll be straight."

You can watch the "I'm Straight" video above. The song appears on Peezy's newly released mixtape Preacher to the Streets, which you can stream below.

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