Murda Beatz Links Up With YNW Melly and Lil Durk for "Banana Split" Animated Video

Murda Beatz said of YNW Melly and Lil Durk: "Melly’s such a big voice of the streets, and Lil Durk is, too. Lil Durk is like an underground king."

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Despite his incarceration, YNW Melly continues to bless fans with new music.

The Florida rapper has teamed up with Chicago’s Lil Durk on the Murda Beatz-produced track “Banana Split.” The star producer teased the cut via Instagram, sharing a screenshot of the audio file as well as posting a snippet of the track.

Dropping My Single ‘BANANA SPLIT’ Ft. @YNWMelly & @lildurk Friday Spam The Comments 🍌🍨 If You Ready

— MURDA ON THE BEAT (@murdabeatz) March 22, 2020

“No, I ain't rockin' Givenchy/Switched that shit, it's Saint Laurent,” Melly raps. “No, ain't no competition … Whippin' that white in the kitchen/Ain't no reminiscin'.”

You can stream “Banana Split” now on Apple Music and Spotify, and watch the animated video for the song up top which was made by Pixel Pirate Studio.

Prior to the track's release, Murda dropped his first-ever drum kit on Splice.

"It’ll be called the Quarantine Kit … For all the producers, staying inside, making music, staying safe," he said. "Part of the proceeds will go towards reliefs efforts for the coronavirus. So make sure you get that."

Murda Beatz also spoke with Complex about the collaboration. "Melly’s such a big voice of the streets, and Lil Durk is, too. Lil Durk is like an underground king. He's got the streets on lock," he explained. "I just feel like a Melly and Durk song will sound dope. Usually when I’m putting songs together, it’s collaborations I would want to see, or artists together that I think would sound good. Melly and Durk together, their names beside each other, that looks good. That sounds good. So let's make it happen."

Lil Durk followed up the star-studded collab with a solo release, "All Love."

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YNW Melly—legal name Jamell Maurice Demons—is now awaiting trial in connection to a 2018 fatal shooting. The rapper and his co-defendant are accused of murdering Anthony "YNW Sakchaser" Williams and Christopher "YNW Juvy" Thomas Jr. Melly has pleaded not guilty to the double murder charges.

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