Kodak Black Says A Boogie and Don Q Accused Him of Getting Associates Shot

Kodak returned to Instagram Live this week, stating that A Boogie and Don Q accused him orchestrating the shooting and robbery of their associates.

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Kodak Black had more to say about his situation with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Don Q.

Nearly two weeks ago, the Painting Pictures artist went to Instagram Live declaring he wanted to fight the Highbridge rappers for unknown reasons: “I’m gonna beat up A Boogie, Don Q, whatever,” he said while in a seemingly inebriated state. “I’m gonna beat these fuck niggas up. Listen, I don’t even care about rap music. Listen, I got so much money I ain’t even gotta rap a day in my life.”

Kodak later admitted he was drunk during the tirade, and pretty much left it at that. However, the Florida rapper returned to Instagram on Thursday night to further explain his state of mind.

Kodak said he was feeling a certain type of way toward A Boogie and Don Q because they accused him of orchestrating an attack on some of their associates. He claims that while he was behind bars, two friends of A Boogie and Don Q were robbed and shot while visiting Florida—an incident that he was supposedly blamed for.

“Come to find out, A Boogie done think I had something to do with it.... Like damn, bro, why do you feel like I had something to do with that?” Kodak said. “Be honest with me y’all, do I look like I would do something like that?”

He went to say that A Boogie and Don Q reached out to Rick Ross, expressing their hesitation to return to Florida because they were concerned about potential violence.

“They could come to Florida. I’m just a little kid, dawg. I’m just a little kid,” Kodak said in the video. “I’m not gonna do nothing to nobody. I don’t want nobody to get shot. I don’t want nobody to die on my behalf. I don’t want no blood on my hands. I’m just a little kid.... I’m trying to be great and be, like, the person I’m destined to be.”

You can check out the Instagram Live broadcast below.

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