Kevin Abstract Opens Up About Ameer Vann's Departure From Brockhampton: 'I Miss How Sh*t Used to Be'

Kevin said he doesn't regret his decision to kick Vann out of the group.

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Kevin Abstract has no regrets over the ouster of Brockhampton co-founder Ameer Vann. He just wishes they had more time to talk before his departure.

Kevin spoke about the decision during a recent chat with Rick Rubin for GQ. The artist said kicking Vann out of the group "fully fucked me up, because it was someone I knew since I was 14."

"Just, like, fully cutting someone off in front of people—the audience—is a wild thing. Something you think about every day," Kevin explained (34-minute mark), before he was asked if he had seen Vann since his exit. "Yes. Once. We ran into each other somewhere and it was really quick. Heartbreaking, in a way."

"Do you miss him?" Rubin asked.

"Yes. Being in a group is weird, it's a weird thing," Kevin said. "... Our shit is rooted in, like, brotherhood—like, real family shit." 

Rubin then asked if Kevin had any regrets when it came to Vann being kicked out of the group. Kevin answered "no," with exception to one thing. 

"More time to talk, that's it. I wish that I didn't make the decision so quickly," he said. "Even if we made the exact same decision, I wish there was a little bit more time to talk ... And maybe that's because I just miss how shit used to be, so I wish there was a little bit more time."

Vann was ousted from Brockhampton in 2018, in wake of multiple abuse allegations, including one that involved a minor. Vann later denied the physical abuse claims and insisted he never had sex with an underage girl; however, he admitted to engaging in manipulative behavior.

Brockhampton announced Vann's departure via social media.

"Ameer is no longer in Brockhampton," the group's statement read. "We want to sincerely apologize to the victims affected by Ameer's actions. We were lied to, and we're sorry for not speaking up sooner. We do not tolerate abuse of any kind. This not a solution to their suffering, but we hope this is a step in the right direction. We are going to cancel the remaining dates of our current US tour to go home and regroup." 

You can watch Kevin's full interview with Rubin above. The two also discuss Kevin's current relationship with the rest of Brockhampton, feeling guilty over certain lyrics about his family, and where he sees himself in 10 years.

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