Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Cardi B Filed by Blogger

A judge determined blogger Latasha K. failed to provide evidence that Cardi had threatened to harm her. Cardi is suing Latasha for defamation.

Cardi B

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Cardi B

It’s another W for Cardi B.

Back in 2019, blogger Latasha K countersued the Invasion of Privacy rapper over alleged threats, emotional distress, and assault. But according to legal documents obtained by TMZ, a judge has dismissed Latasha’s complaint, determining the plaintiff failed to provide evidence for any of her claims. 

“Instead, [Latasha] has only made allegations that others who may be associated with [Cardi] made these threats,” the judge ruled, “… and has failed to demonstrate here that the threats … were directed by [Cardi].”

The legal battle began when Cardi sued Latasha and Starmarie Ebony Jones for defamatory remarks made online. The former referred to Cardi as a prostitute and claimed she had herpes. Latasha even theorized Cardi and Offset’s baby daughter, Kulture, would suffer “intellectual disabilities” due to Cardi’s alleged drug use while pregnant. 

“I’m gonna sue you for defamation of character because I let that bitch play and talk shit about me, but when you talk shit about my daughter ...” Cardi said on Instagram Live in 2018. “Bitch you a whole fucking weirdo … that’s 40 years old and pregnant too, and then all you can do is talk shit about me, ho. Fuck outta here.”

Cardi kept her word a filed a lawsuit against Latasha in late March 2019. Latasha fired back just weeks later, claiming Cardi’s comments not only affected her career, but also put her life in danger, as she received death threats following Cardi’s accusatory statements on Instagram Live.

Although the countersuit was dismissed, TMZ reports Cardi still intends to take her defamation suit against Latasha to trial.

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