Irv Gotti Blasts 50 Cent's New BET Comedy Series

Gotti claims '50 Central' was BET's lowest rated premiere in 2017.

This is a photo of Irv Gotti.

Image via Getty/Leon Bennett

This is a photo of Irv Gotti.

50 Cent's new comedy series is reportedly off to a weak start. And, of course, Irv Gotti wants everyone to know.

Just days after 50 Central debuted on BET, Gotti went to Instagram to call out the show’s poor ratings. He claimed 50 Central was the network’s lowest rated premiere in 2017, and that the people who tuned in said "it’s fucking horrible."


It’s no surprise Gotti decided to blast 50 Central's alleged poor ratings, as 50 has had some harsh words about Gotti’s BET series Tales.

"They'll be gone. They won't be there long. I have full on intentions of removing that. There are some adjustments to be made," Fif said during an interview on The Breakfast Club. "Cool idea, not well-executed […] It’s gotta go."

Gotti doesn't seemed worried. During an appearance on Everday Struggle, the Murder Inc. founder insisted 50 didn’t have the power to have Tales removed and that he was just a "bully" who "no one is afraid of."

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"He can't get my show outta there," he said at the 1:01:00 mark. "BET and him made a campaign showing like, he's taking over, 50's taking over the network. It's a campaign they've created. He can't get my show canceled. I'm here to tell y'all right now, he can't do that. He can try, but he can't do that. I'm strong up there, and I'm strong at Viacom. You may see Tales on MTV: Tales pop, Tales rock, Tales country on the CMT."

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