Gucci Mane Gets in on the SantaCon Action in New York City

SantaCon 2016 in New York got a visit from the “East Atlanta Santa," a.k.a. Gucci Mane.

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The East Atlanta Santa wasn’t about to miss SantaCon 2016.

The annual holiday bar crawl, which has received a bad rap in recent years, is a time for adults to dress up as Saint Nick and proceed to get wasted. It’s usually a good time for those who participate, but this year’s festivities were a little more turnt thanks to an appearance by Gucci Mane.

On Saturday night, the 36-year-old rapper rolled up to Gramercy’s Ainsworth Park bar rocking a custom Santa Claus hat that read: “East Atlanta Santa.” He greeted fans, took some photos, and provided gifts for the patrons. Some walked away with an East Atlanta Santa Styrofoam cup, while special guests received a gift bag with a custom-made red sweater with "St. Brickulous" written on the back, as well as other swag like an East Atlanta Santa hat, Christmas lights meant to be worn as chains, and an ice cream temporary tattoo.

You can check out Gucci’s appearance in the Twitter videos below.

Later this week, Gucci will release the follow-up to his new album, The Return of East Atlanta Santa, a follow-up to East Atlanta Santa (2014) and East Atlanta Santa 2: The Night GuWop Stole X-Mas (2015). The record will be his third project since being released from prison earlier this year. He’s already shared a few tracks from the album, including “St. Brick Intro” and “Stutter.”

The Return of East Atlanta Santa will drop this Friday.

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