Premiere: Diveliner Shares New Song "Girl From Texas"

Diveliner's latest is inspired by a "nightmare" living situation.

Diveliner "Girl From Texas"

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Diveliner "Girl From Texas"

Fresh off the release of his "Natalie" record, 23-year-old Diveliner returns with a new single dubbed "Girl From Texas."

The musician/producer—real name Ellis Grant—said the smooth track was inspired by a real-life woman whom he got to know under bizarre circumstances.

"I wrote 'Girl From Texas' about a girl I met that was visiting L.A.," he recalled. "When she got back to Texas I got the genius idea of flying her back out to L.A., but didn’t realize I was too broke to fly her back home once she got here. She ended up living with me for a month and a half. To call that living situation a complete fucking nightmare would be an understatement but it was fun in the moment."

You can stream "Girl From Texas" via SoundCloud below.

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