Chance the Rapper Wrote the Jingle For the New Kit Kat Commercial

Chance the Rapper is featured in a new jingle for Kit Kat.

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Chance the Rapper has made huge waves this year. In addition to dropping his critically acclaimed Coloring Book mixtape, the Chicago rapper has also kicked off his Magnificent Coloring World Tour, and has landed multiple gigs with major brands like H&M and Nike. And it appears we’re going to see a lot more of Chano starting this month.

On Monday, Kit Kat sent out a tweet to announce its new partnership with Chance. The 23-year-old was apparently tapped by the giant candy company to be featured in its new jingle. It’s a huge opportunity for Chance, as Kit Kat’s previous “Gimme a break” tune has become one of the most recognizable theme songs in the English-speaking world. 

The image on Kit Kat’s official Twitter account suggested Chance would be featured in a Halloween commercial, and that's exactly what it turned out to be. He’s shown rocking a bear costume and the Coloring Book “3” hat, while holding a Kit Kat bar that reads “Chance the Wrapper.” 

You can check out the commercial in the video above to see Chance's spin on the classic candy jingle. Fortunately, Kit Kat also shared an alternate, costume-less version so that we can enjoy Chance's jingle long after Halloween. Watch the new version below. 

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