Cam'ron Drops a New Verse About Big L and His Suspected Murderer

Cam'ron gives us a taste of "Killa Season 2" with a new verse about Big L and his suspected murderer.

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Only weeks after announcing the November release of Killa Season 2, Cam’ron gave fans a taste of what they can expect from the upcoming album. The Harlem rapper hit up Instagram on Monday with a short video in which he raps about the death of his close friend and fellow Children of the Corn member Big L. But it sounds like its’ more than just a tribute. Cam hints that there’s more to the story surrounding Big L’s death, as he also drops the name of Gerard Woodley, the man whom many believe killed Big L. 

"139 Park, we started off as children/Grew up with Big L, and the dude who supposedly killed him/A week before that, though, Big L tried to kill him/What was he to do? […] When the time’s right I will tell you about these villains/Now everybody dead, so it ain’t about squealing."

On Feb. 15, 1999, Big L died in Harlem after being shot in the face and chest nine times. The primary murder suspect was Woodley, a fellow rapper and childhood friend of Big L’s who was eventually arrested for the crime. But due to a lack of evidence, Woodley avoided formal charges, and the case remains unsolved.

Last month, about 17 years after Big L’s death, Woodley was fatally shot in Harlem. And although this was the man many suspected of killing Big L, Cam’ron paid his respects and attended Woodley’s funeral, which was fairly shocking to many of his fans. Clearly there was more to the story, and it sounds like Cam will be sharing his side very soon.

Check out the sneak peek below. 

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