The Internet Blasts Bow Wow for His Message About Women's Behavior

Bow Wow took another L on social media today.

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Bow Wow should do himself a favor and quit social media.

On Tuesday afternoon, the 30-year-old artist received another L after posting an Instagram photo with a caption about women. It read: “Women are suppose to be beautiful and hard to catch like a butterfly... Some of you B*****s are more like mosquitos annoying and easy to smash.” He ended the message with some crying laughing emojis; however, not everyone thought the post was funny.

Some people criticized the caption for being sexist, and said it was another instance in which a man attempts to police women’s actions/behavior. Others called out Bow Wow by suggesting he, too, was a mosquito and was in no position to judge.

“Don't you have anything better to do than tell us women how we're SUPPOSED to behave? Don't you have a flight to catch in coach?” one person commented.

“Remember you have a daughter now. The way you've treated women. Think of how she is gonna be treated,” someone replied. “All these rappers is having girls & I wonder why? Karma dudes. So try to be better & show your girls how to recognize a good dude.”

Another person, however, came to Bow Wow’s defense … sort of: “Ladies, don't be too hard on him. I'm sure he stole this from somewhere/somebody. Dude never wrote his own raps, so I'm sure he didn't think of something as clever as this.”

Well, it turns out Bow Wow did, in fact, steal this message. The quote has lived on the internet for several years and has been turned into countlessmemes.

Bow Wow has endured plenty of roasting during the past couple of months. There was that time he was called out for trying to trick people into thinking he was flying on a private jet and the time the internet was convinced he posted a fake video of fans chasing him. The dude has attempted to defend both of those posts, but it seems most people aren't buying it. 

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