Azealia Banks Has Seemingly Been Suspended From Facebook

Azealia Banks' Facebook page may have been suspended following her comments about Brazilians.

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NEW YORK, NY - JULY 18: Azealia Banks (r) performs at Highline Ballroom on July 18, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/Getty Images)

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Azealia Banks’ Facebook has reportedly been suspended following comments she made that drew harsh criticism from her fanbase.

According to XXL, the controversial artist faced another wave of backlash after posting some bizarre remarks about Brazil and claiming its citizens were universally impoverished. Brazilians quickly went in on Banks, which naturally led to more insults from the rapper:

“I didn’t know they had internet in the favela,” she wrote. “When are all of these third world freaks going to stop spamming my page with broken English over things they know nothing about.”

A day after she began insulting the country, Banks’ Facebook page was deactivated. It’s unclear if she was banned from the social networking site or if she took it down herself; however, based on her track record, many believe it’s the former scenario.

In May of 2015, Banks’ Twitter account was suspended after she posted racist and homophobic messages directed at former One Direction member Zayn Malik. More recently, the Harlem artist caused outrage by sharing an Instagram video in which she sandblasted a closet that was allegedly stained with the blood of sacrificed chickens. 

Though her social media activity has nabbed more headlines than her music as of late, Banks admitted that the internet has caused problems for her and that she has considered taking a break.

"I'm seriously tired of peoples feelings," she said, according to Billboard. "I'm tired of seeing their overly sensitive reactions and responses to everything. I'm tired of having everything I say or do be monitored and I'm tired of being told how I should be behaving [...] "My legacy can't live and die on the internet."

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