Rev. Al Sharpton Admits He Can't Name One Meek Mill Song

Sharpton: "[Meek] and I debate over lyrics but we don’t debate over justice."

Rev. Al Sharpton has become one of Meek Mill’s most prominent champions. The civil rights activist has not only visited the rapper in prison, he’s also participated in rallies and panel discussions calling for Meek’s release as well as an overhaul of the U.S. criminal justice system; however, it seems the reverend and Meek don’t always see eye-to-eye—particularly when it comes to music.

During a recent interview with Scoop B Radio, Sharpton was asked about Meek’s criminal case and his interactions with the rapper since his 2017 incarceration. Host Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson then posed the question: Could Sharpton name one Meek song?

Sharpton kept it 100: “No.”

“I told him I wasn’t a fan,” the reverend told Scoop B. “He and I debate over lyrics but we don’t debate over justice.”

When pressed about which hip-hop artists he does like, Sharpton gave two pretty respectable answers.

“I like some of what Jay Z says until he takes a shot at me but he’s been good to me too,” Sharpton said, referencing Jay’s 4:44 “Family Feud” track. “I really like Chance the Rapper.”

The Baptist minister also spoke about Meek’s character, claiming the Philly rapper knew just how significant his legal battle is—not only for himself, but for others who’ve been wronged by the system.

“I learned that he was a smart guy, he was sincere and he really was committed to more than himself,” Sharpton said. “He kept saying, ‘Reverend Al, I appreciate you coming to fight for me, but also this fight for a lot of people that are mere minor infractions are in jail.’ I was very moved by that.”

You can listen to the brief interview below.

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