6ix9ine Granted Bail, Was Reportedly Held in Rikers' Special Unit for Safety Reasons

The controversial rapper was reportedly been transferred to the facility's "disease unit," where he had zero contact with other inmates. Granted bail, he must surrender in Houston on Monday over allegedly assaulting a teen there in January.

After two days behind bars, Brooklyn rapper 6ix9ine was reportedly moved to the Rikers Island disease unit. And no, it’s not because he fell ill; it’s because his fame put him at risk.

According to TMZ, the 22-year-old artist—legal name Daniel Hernandez—was transferred to a 140-cell unit that is primarily occupied by inmates battling diseases. The area is also used to house high-profile figures or celebrities whose safety might be in jeopardy. The outlet reports 6ix9ine was in total isolation from other inmates, and only had contact with Rikers officers. It’s unclear if he has received any threats during his holding.

Though his request for bail was initially denied, 6ix9ine's lawyers eventually convinced Houston prosecutors to set a bail amount on Friday. TMZ reports the rapper's team then requested an emergency hearing in Manhattan, where a judge decided 6ix9ine could be released once he pays $150,000. As part of the deal, the 6ix9ine is required to surrender Monday in Texas, where he will make a $5,000 bail payment.

On Wednesday, 6ix9ine was arrested at JFK Airport on an outstanding warrant for a misdemeanor assault in Houston. The charges stem from a January incident in which he allegedly choked a 16-year-old boy at a mall.

A day after he was taken into custody, the “Gummo” rapper requested to be released on bail, insisting he had learned his lesson and would travel to Texas on his own will. “I’ve been very remorseful for my lack of responsibility. In the short time I’ve been incarcerated, I’ve learned my lesson to be more respectful,” he told a Manhattan judge Thursday, according to the New York Daily News. He went on to add, “I’m not asking you to have sympathy for me. I’m not asking you for anything else at all. All I ask is to please post bail for this misdemeanor case in which I promise you and the court to take the first flight to Houston, Texas, in which I will have a legal team there ready to speed up the process.”

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