MTV Cribs Revisits Redman's Staten Island Home

Yes, they address the money box.

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Remember MTV Cribs, the show where camera crews visited palatial celebrity mansions and we got to ooh and aah at different art, in-home basketball courts, and other things only insanely rich and famous people can buy? Sigh. *queues up "Royals"*. While most episodes boasted regal fireplaces and home movie theatres, the most legendary episode was not one of extravagance. Redman's 2001 episode of Cribs displayed his tiny television, a regular old messy bathroom, and the shoebox full of cash Reggie kept over the fridge.

For MTV Retromania Hip-Hop Week, the network re-upped the series and revisited Redman's Staten Island home. Everything is pretty much the same, except the TV is bigger, he's tiled up his bathroom (but he still has the same shower curtain), and he's replaced the shoebox with... well, just watch.

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