Justin Bieber To Be Charged With Criminal Assault

From a December incident.

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Just when it seemed like smooth sailing for Justin Bieber, TMZ reports that he has been charged with criminal assault. The charges come from a incident last December when Bieber and his entourage were taking a limousine in Toronto. The group allegedly got into an altercation with the driver.

One of the alleged crew members is being investigated for the assault. TMZ's sources say Bieber "will be booked for assault, given a citation and released on his own recognizance."

UPDATE 1/30/14: The Toronto police issued a statement with more details about the arrest. According to the statement, the events allegedly unfolded as follows:

It is alleged that:

Bieber turned himself into Toronto police and was charged with assault. He was released on his own recognizance and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday, March 10 at 11 a.m. Watch video, via TMZ, of Bieber arriving at the police station below:

In other Bieber legal news, the AP reports that he has pleaded not guilty to charges of DUI, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license in Florida. The plea was entered in writing in Miami-Dade county by his attorney. Bieber's arraignment is scheduled for February 14, but he is not legally required to attend.

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