The Game Gives a Powerful Call to Action After the Death of Alton Sterling

The Game isn't here for the fake activism surrounding Alton Sterling's death.

The Game has had it with the do-nothing social media activism of today, and he's speaking out about it in the wake of the death of Alton Sterling. "All we gone do is repost it & type "SMH" over & over again huh?" he began, before ripping into the perceived lack of motivation for change that he sees in our society.

"What happened to the generation of people who stood together, held hands & took to the streets peacefully or violently if it had to come to that & wouldn't move or be detoured from that stance until real results were handed over to us ?!?!? Huh ??? WTF is wrong with us these days that we will sit here & watch a video of yet another innocent man shot & killed in cold blood by police officers in this country ?!?!?"

He went on to decry the type of police violence that Sterling's death displayed, but also to take to task a culture of hashtag activism that he believes allows it to continue. "#MartinLutherKing got shot on a fuckin balcony because he wasn't scared to stand up for our parents, grandparents & US," he wrote. "The reason our black asses can even do 1/2 the shit we do is because that man sacrificed his life along with many others so we could..... & we ain't even got enough heart to stand together as a RACE & pay them back !!!!"

Alton Sterling was shot and killed by police Tuesday in Baton Rouge, La. while selling CDs outside the Triple S Food Mart. His death has caused a tidal wave of response on social media, as well as peaceful protests in Baton Rouge.

You can read The Game's post in its entirety below.

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